My Life & Story

I’m Erica, an aspiring pastry chef currently living in Providence, RI from Orlando, Florida. I ended up in Orlando last August by accident when I was accepted and then rejected from my dream school, but I wasn’t discouraged from pursuing a degree in the industry I love. I made the best of the situation I was given and things came together very well there; I became a Walt Disney World cast member and I’ve fallen in love with the company. I’m so excited to see where my career in pastry takes me, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I was led right back to the most magical place on earth.

I was born with cerebral palsy, and face some physical limitations inside and out of the kitchen as a result. While I’ve had a few people discourage me, I’ve fought hard for the chance to prove that there’s plenty of room for the “differently-abled” in the culinary arts industry, and recently moved to Providence to finally attend my dream school. I look forward to the years ahead, and want to share in my experiences.  I’m no stranger to encountering obstacles, but I’ve figured out that life is always better when I live it on the sweet side.



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