Let it snow!

Campus16Well the snow continues here in Providence, and I am definitely a happy camper. Last week we were treated to two snow days in a row, and it was a blast. Most people here only cared about missing class and spent the day watching Netflix I’m sure, but I just couldn’t resist spending a day playing out in the snow. It was more than I’d ever seen – we got at least two feet.


To say I was ecstatic is an understatement. It’s been about ten years since I’ve gotten to play in the snow like this, and it was still more than I’d ever seen before. It was so cold outside, and the wind blew the snow into our faces until we couldn’t feel them. But with a driving and parking ban in place for all of Providence and Cranston, the city was our playground for the day!


Providence was hit hard, and the city looked like a ghost town. Definitely if I had my own house and job and normal responsibilities here, winter storm Juno would’ve probably freaked me out a little bit. But everything was well taken care of here – the ground crew worked hard all day keeping the Commons as clear as possible, and the dining hall was open all day.


To break up the monotony of our two-day week last week and our four-day weekend due to snow, we all got dressed up to go to JWU’s Sno Ball 2015, at a casino about 15 minutes away. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night after not having too much to do over the whole week!


I’m definitely going to do things differently next time around though, because walking to and from a bus in a fairly short dress and sandals was not a good idea in 11-degree weather (-3 with windchill, mind you). But I think we all had a “ball” and we’d all do it again next year.


Today was snow day number three and I’m still not tired of all the snow. I laughed to myself last Wednesday as I remembered a conversation that I had had just a few minutes after the Providence campus gave us the news we’d been waiting for last March, and I was whining that even after such a perfect day, I didn’t get to see any snow. My lawyer on the phone assured me that I would see more snow than I ever wanted to see come winter, and I think it has officially arrived. Now if all that snow would just pack and I could build that snowman I’ve been wanting to build, I’d be totally content.

Pretty sure we have class tomorrow (despite the snow still coming down and the gusty wind), which will be my first sophomore lab here at JWU. I’m not expecting it to be a blast since I’ve heard the instructor’s all business, but eh. that’s what everyone said about my Chef for chocolates and it ended up being a great time.


Tomorrow will most likely be a cold and early morning, but I’m excited to get back into a normal routine. Bring on the last two labs of this winter trimester!


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