The year’s half over, let’s stay for another!

JWU winterWell, there’s no doubt about it – it’s winter. By the way people talk about it up here, it seemed like every Floridian’s nightmare with snow, ice, and single-digit temperatures. It’s only mid-January, so I have a feeling I haven’t seen anything yet, but I don’t see anything wrong with winter yet! Now I’ll be realistic here and say that I don’t think I could handle this in “real life” (because let’s face it, nothing about living on a college campus resembles living in the real world); shoveling snow and driving in the snow and ice just scare me. But I love being able to enjoy it and see the beauty in it here!

Getting up at 4:45 in the morning when it’s nine degrees and feels like two (we’ve even had one morning at -1!) isn’t fun, but it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. And, my goodness, when I pass the Dean in the hallway and he says hi to me by name or I sit down to write an article for the Campus Herald, there are no words to describe how much I love it up here.

I spent the last month suffering through my Introduction to Cakes lab, and let me just tell you, there is no chance of me being the next Ron Ben-Israel (a pro cake designer and my idol, for those of you who don’t know) in the future. It’s disappointing because I really wanted to like and be good at cakes, but I’m just… not.


We made a variety of cakes and tortes, but I just couldn’t ice a cake to save my life for some reason. Seemed like everyone else could. This is definitely a skill I’ll keep practicing, since I’d like to be able to decorate at least a couple of decent wedding cakes in my career, but we’ll see.


I’m now in my last lab as a freshman – time sure flies when you’re having fun! – and I’m enjoying it. Mostly because it doesn’t require any sort of cake skill. It’s all about chocolate, and we’ll be doing truffles, pralines, and a small showpiece. I really, really want to do well in this class because I’m so looking forward to the senior level chocolates lab where students make 3′ tall chocolate showpieces. They look so beautiful, and I’d like mine to look that nice!

Speaking of senior level classes, I’m SO excited that I get to stay at this amazing school for a second year! The original plan was to stay for my associates degree and then start working in the industry, but I’ve done a ton of research and I don’t think that graduating college with a two-year degree is the best choice for the future. Sure, an AS will do me well for the next five or ten years, but when I no longer want to be in the kitchen for 10+ hours a day every day, I’d like to work up to a management position. Since I’m definitely looking more toward a corporate career (which is the fancy way of saying, I MISS DISNEY!!), I feel like a bachelor’s degree is necessary. My fingers are crossed that I’ll be an RA, which will definitely help pay for that extra year.

So, with nothing but fun things to look forward to, like another term of labs, a somewhat long-term position with the Campus Herald, and a whole bunch of other fun possibilities for next year, bring on the rest of winter because I’m just getting started!

JWU winter2



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