Home Sweet Home in Providence, RI!

I’m living life a little backwards lately. Last year, when I lived in Orlando to start my baking and pastry major, I lived in an off campus apartment since Valencia is a community college. I appreciated it a lot more after I didn’t live there anymore, but if you can get past the cockroach infestation, it was pretty nice. It was a 2 bed/2 bath condo with lots of space. My bedroom was really nice with a big bay window, and my own bathroom was big and I loved how we decorated it. The kitchen was small compared to what I was used to at home, but even that was a decent enough space to make cookies galore or a small cake. This year, I’m trading that in for a cramped first-year college dorm and a meal plan.

JWU1But I don’t mind it, really. I’ll gladly have my food prepared for me after a busy day! My 10X4′ living space isn’t bad either. My mom did a great job making it homey! While I’m definitely still getting used to not being able to shut the door of my own bedroom and I will be for some time, it’s not a huge deal, and I only share the bathroom with my roommate who seems nice.

I may complain a bit over the phone to my parents that it certainly isn’t like home – because it isn’t – but being here after a year and a half of plan B’s, wondering, and waiting is just unreal. I’m living in New England. It’s beautiful outside. I’m at one of the top culinary schools in the country, finally. After spending the day here, it feels like the campus in Miami has the same name only coincidentally. Providence is completely different. It took a village to get here, for sure, but I appreciate this year that much more.

So, after six months of counting down the hours, the adventure starts tomorrow. I’ll be up bright and early for the Culinary Arts Academic Welcome, and spend the rest of the day at orientations and meetings. Not as fun as baking, but a chance to get to know some of my instructors. My actual first class of the term, Classic Pastry, starts at 7am on Tuesday morning.

With that, I have some chef coats to press and then I’ll try and get a little sleep. Goodnight from Johnson & Wales University in Providence!


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