This Post Isn’t About Raspberry Sorbet.

It was supposed to be. I think I probably spent eight or nine hours in the kitchen today. Not that I’m unhappy about that – the kitchen is my favorite place to be, no doubt about it – but I spent those eight or nine hours working really hard on some fresh, bright raspberry sorbet, and I have nothing but a few almond lace tuile cookies to show for it.

laceThey’re pretty, at least, and they weren’t difficult. But they’d look better on a nice plate next to some raspberry sorbet.

So we have this ice cream/sherbet/sorbet maker. I guess I sort of adopted it – it was my sister’s birthday or Christmas present one year and I think she used it once or twice. Then when I got into baking a couple of years ago, I learned more and more about making ice cream. I remembered the old machine and dug it out of the darkness of our kitchen cupboard last month to give it a test run. My mom had just gotten this huge container of blueberries, so I knew it was time for some blueberry sorbet!


It worked well, and I was pretty pleased with myself for nailing it on the first try! Here’s the thing, though: the machine works by churning the ice cream or sorbet base in a frozen solid bucket-type container. This container takes at least 12 hours to freeze properly, so planning ahead is necessary.

I was going all “King of Cones” today and I had my plated sorbet dessert all planned out. I started this morning with my raspberry base, and while that was chilling I tempered chocolate, made the lace cookies, and made some raspberry curd for good measure. I was thrilled because everything was working out more or less how I wanted (tempered chocolate is a necessary evil, so I compromise. Chocolate circles didn’t hold? I guess we have chocolate abstract art!), and all that was left to make was the sorbet.

When I use the ice cream machine I always make sure to put the container back in the freezer when I’m done with it, so my only guess is that it got moved to the garage shelf two weekends ago when we had a little family party. Someone decided that we needed room for more beer I guess, which I probably would’ve been totally okay with if I liked beer.


I found the machine container in a liquid state at 1:30 this afternoon, so I threw it in the freezer and attempted to make sorbet at 7. My base turned to slush at best, so I gave up after 30 minutes.

So, when will you get to see this fabulous plated sorbet dessert? Tomorrow, probably. Thankfully I can save every bit of what I made today, so all I have to do tomorrow is make the sorbet and throw it all on a plate.

For today, though, feast your eyes on my almond lace cookies. They did take about eight hours, you know.


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